Company Launches House Keys into Space - Find Them and Get £10k off a Deposit

Company Launches House Keys into Space
(Image credit: GoodMove)

A set of keys has been launched into space and the first person to find them once they drop back to Earth will win £10,000 towards a house deposit. 

Property buyers GoodMove launched the keys into space on Wednesday morning, an eye-catching stunt which it says will help to get somebody onto the property ladder. 

House prices have soared over the past 18 months with the average property selling for £271,000 in England in November, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). And GoodMove is offering this cash prize because of the challenges facing young people struggling to afford a deposit. 

Around 47% of people surveyed by GoodMove say they find it impossible to save for a deposit, and 27% take between 5-10 years to save up. 

Company Launches House Keys into Spac

The GoodMove keys launched into space on Wednesday (Image credit: GoodMove)

Look to the Skies

The keys will land anywhere in the UK, and will have a number on them you can call to claim the £10,000 prize. And before you ask - no, the money can’t be used for anything other than a house deposit. You can follow this page for live updates.

Nima Ghasri, director at GoodMove, says: “We know that the property market is especially volatile right now, and many Brits struggle to get their foot on the property ladder and buy their dream home. 

“We really wanted to help anyone in this situation in this campaign in a fun and exciting way – so if you can find our keys after they’ve landed from space then we’ll supply £10,000 towards a deposit. We really hope this money can brighten up someone’s January and can’t wait to see our keys’ journey into space!” 

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