We have been quoted £800 for a full measured survey of our house. Is this reasonable, its about 100m2, 2 storey, 1860 solid stone cottage.

To what level of detail would this go to ? – could i do it myself, i have drawn up scale drawings before.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Seems rather pricey but I wouldn’t even consider that if you have an idea of what you are doing? It depends what the purpose of the survey is as obviously the more critical the following work, the more accuracy is required. Having a professional complete this would relieve you of your liability and any miss calc’s wont cost you through problems later on.

    If you are to do it yourself I would recommend getting hold of a ‘Disto’ as this will will greatly increase accuracy and speed. If you are also not confident using CAD or other software to draw up the survey then it may be worth the expense as its not an easy piece of software to use! Took me a while but once you have learnt, its ever so simple and you would never consider paying for a measured survey again.

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