I am being drafted in to help with a self build project for a friend. The project has been running for years! The house was stopped for 7years and has just started back up. The house is up, walls roof windows internal walls and we are just starting first fix of plumbing and electrics. I have an issue of no design plans for the internal, so starting from scratch for Kitchens and bathrooms. I just would like to know the order to have all the trades in and all the work done, so we are dry lining walls at present, whilst first fix is going on. I have plumbers needing bathroom designs and joiners needs skirting board door frames etc, and needing to know when to start plastering. On this site I have searched for a time line, where I can time manage each job and put it in order of build. I dont want to have to go back over and redo something because I got it in the wrong order. This house is 3 levels, with a lift in it that was never commissioned and now needs replacing too! Also the previous owner dug the garden at the back down 2m, now I have to put in a 4m retaining wall and need some ideas to help it look not like a prison wall!
interesting project though! thanks for help in advance.