I have cavity wall insulation in my ex authority house. It is wet, i believe, it is why i have mould issues indoors. Does anyone know what i can do/have done to remedy the wet insulation ? The insulation was put in by the authority approx 10 yrs ago, approx a year before i purchased it. The wet insulation was found when an area of outer wall was removed to enable builders to install a damp tray for my disabled daughters ground floor bedroom & bathroom. any suggestions/advice would be great, Thanks in advance.

  • Mark Brinkley

    These situations are not easy to resolve. You have to find the cause of the damp and that is not always straightforward. Sometimes the cavity wall insulation itself is implicated as a cause of the problem and there are some houses which should never have had cavity wall insulation injected into them. This is especially true of exposed locations where rainfall levels are above average.

    More often, there is another factor causing the damp, such as a leaking gutters or downpipes, fractured wall coverings or even leaking pipework from inside the house. In such cases, the wet insulation is a symptom, not a cause of the problem. If the damp/mould problem is specific to one location, it does rather suggest that there may be a water penetration issue unrelated to the cavity wall insulation itself. But the only sure way to find out is to get a thorough survey carried out.

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