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6 Benefits of Using Timber Windows for Your Home

Timber windows
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Choosing the right windows is paramount for your home’s efficiency and overall appearance. Combining a beautiful aesthetic with strong thermal, acoustic and security performance makes timber windows a valuable addition to any home. 

The versatility of timber windows makes them equally suited whether you’re building a contemporary home or renovating a period building. And your home will most likely perform better as a result. 

Here are six key reasons why using timber windows will be beneficial for your home.

1. They are built with sustainable materials

Timber is a natural insulator with great thermal properties, making timber windows an environmentally-friendly option for your home. They also tend to have a lower carbon footprint compared to aluminium and uPVC windows. 

Keep an eye out for FSC-accredited windows because this means that materials have been sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. Using recycled materials and renewable energy is not only better for the environment, it also creates wider social and economic benefits.

2. They are long-lasting

Timber windows have an estimated lifespan of around 60 years, although depending on the quality of wood used they can last much longer. In comparison, uPVC frames would have to be replaced at least once during that time.

Timber windows

With JELD-WEN (opens in new tab)’s sustainable timber frame windows you get a class-leading 40-year rot and fungal guarantee, plus a 10-year glass and paint guarantee.  (Image credit: JELD-WEN)

3. They are great value for money

Timber windows represent great value for money. This is because of the increased energy efficiency that comes from using sustainable materials, which generally lose less heat compared with aluminium or uPVC windows. 

Combined with double or triple glazing, you can end up paying less for your energy bills, which can generate significant savings over the lifetime of your windows. 

4. They are versatile

The versatility and longevity of timber windows means that they can be used on a variety of projects, whether you’re looking to enhance the performance of your home, or replacing worn-out plastic frames or single glazing. 

With a wide range of styles, shapes and colours to choose from, including sash and casement windows, the overall look and performance are just as effective whether you’re embarking on a contemporary extension or renovating a period home. 

Timber windows

View JELD-WEN’s full range of timber windows and get a free online window quote (opens in new tab)  (Image credit: JELD-WEN)

5. They look fantastic

As well as incorporating modern security features, timber windows have character and charm, whilst adding natural style and warmth to any home. 

Moreover, timber windows are available in all sorts of colour shades with a range of sizes, bar designs and hardware options depending on your design scheme. 

They can also be easily sanded and repainted when you fancy an update. 

6. They are low maintenance

Due to timber’s high energy efficiency and strong performance, you shouldn’t have to worry about regularly maintaining your windows. You’ll usually need to carry out general cleaning no more than twice a year.

For more information about the benefits of timber windows visit JELD-WEN (opens in new tab).