Hi all, I have a persimmon house that was built in 2002. I have recently had water ingress into one of my bedrooms. The bedroom is built against an outside wall and is part of the original house. The leak looks to have been caused by the external skin bricks being porous and potentially cavity trays not being fitted.

My builder needs to complete some investigation work on whether cavity trays are fitted, but my question is this: Were cavity trays a building regulation requirement in 2002 for rooms that abut an external wall? I’m trying to find this out so I can take potential legal action against the builder if the cavity trays have been omitted.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

  • Mark Brinkley

    It’s not quite clear what the issue is here. The regulations re cavity drainage haven’t changed for many years – decades even. Cavities are designed so that any water that crosses the cavity from the outside shouldn’t leak into the house interior. Cavity trays are normally installed above openings to ensure that there is a pathway for the water to escape to the outside. However most openings have steel lintels above them and these also act as cavity trays.

    So there are several reasons a cavity can fail, lack of cavity trays being just one. The only way to find out is by opening up the cavity.

    Note that your home is now 12 years old. That makes it out of warranty, so taking action against a builder for a fault that’s taken 12 years to appear may be fruitless.

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