Was interested in what people’s experience of renewables companies was. Having been badly let down by the company we were intending to use for our project for a ground source heat pump, we’ve had to start again in looking for a supplier and getting quotes and initial designs, not ideal as we start work on site next week after 3 years of planning!

We’ve found that the heat loss calculations and predicted heat demands that various companies have done are varying wildly (some show the heat demand as being double what others are showing). It’s not the case that one is a lot higher or lower than all the others, I have two examples on the low side that are similar and two similar on the high side (with one in the middle). What is your experience of this?

I’m also struggling with conflicting views between suppliers about whether or not we have enough ground for the ground loops.

I’m confident that each supplier has proposed a solution that will deliver the heat demand they say we have but I’d also like to form a more concrete idea of what our real heat demand will be so we can get a handle on running costs and also that the proposed solution will deliver the heat we need (or that we’re not paying over the odds for a bigger heat pump than we need).

Any views gratefully received!

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