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Evolved  Design are here to offer a Complete Service to Self Builders who are wanting to achieve a Low Energy or Passive House Home.

The design service that we offer takes you through from the initial design stage to planning & developing the design and specification for Building Regulations. We understand about designing to eliminate cold bridging and about the use of accredited construction details to meet the new regulations.

As members of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technicians, C.I.A.T, we understand about how to build your home, we don’t just draw pretty pictures.

Our specifications are designed to meet the current building regulations, but we are more than happy discussing alternatives that will give you higher levels of comfort and save on energy costs. We offer our range of Carbon System Homes building solutions that can be tailored to suit your design, plot and budget.

Evolved Design are able to offer an unbiased approach to building your home using systems that suit the way you live your life. We understand about Thermal Mass and the differences between all of the systems we offer. It isn’t all U Values!

Evolved Design are happy to provide initial consultations, budget quotations and technical specifications without obligation. We are here to assist you through the entire process.

Our aim is to ensure that you are left a secure, weather tight shell for you or your builders to finish internally & externally. Or we can offer project management services to include a complete turnkey solution.

The Building Regulations have recently changed and meeting the requirements of the new Part L have become more onerous. It is no longer sufficient to insulate to a minimum standard and allow for shoddy workmanship and then pass the regulations by bolting on renewable technologies, now you have to ensure that your home meets the new Target Fabric Energy Efficiency with improved levels of thermal insulation & air tightness with controlled ventilation. The new regulations now seem to be adopting the principals of Passivhaus construction, though they still have a way to go to meet that standard!

As Certified Passivhaus designers we believe in ‘Putting Fabric First’, our aim is to provide you with a home that has a high level of comfort, is economical to run and reduces any worries of fuel poverty for the future. At an early stage we will calculate your predicated energy assessment so that a full technical specification can be provided for the structure, heating and ventilation of your home and we can then work with you to ensure that this is delivered. We want your home to be as we have designed it to be with your help.

As part of the Carbon System Homes offer, we can also supply you with all the components that help you to meet your energy assessment such as Passivhaus certified windows and doors, Air Tightness products, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat recovery and renewable heating systems.

Evolved Design offer their services across England and Wales and have offices in the Midlands and South East. We are partners at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre at Swindon and regularly present there on the importance of good design and insulation.

Evolved Design can help you at every step from concept to completion or just when you need us. We design to suit you, your plot and your budget.

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