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4 Ways to Create a Light-filled Loft Conversion

Rooflights from Roofglaze
(Image credit: Roofglaze)


Use a flat glass rooflight on a sloping roof

If an extensive dormer design is not what you’re after, flat glass rooflights don’t require complex roof supporting structures and construction works. These contemporary and sleek rooflights flood loft conversions with natural light and are installed directly to the roof fabric via a specially constructed kerb, which follows the existing roofline for a perfect finish.  

Rooflights from Roofglaze

This stunning modern home utilises flat glass rooflights from Roofglaze (opens in new tab) that maximise natural light to create an architectural wow-factor (Image credit: Roofglaze)

If you are working to a budget…

Dormers, while useful for adding extra height to rooms in the roof, require a great deal of design work to match existing roof lines and styles and while this is ideal for many projects, for those trying to keep costs down, minimising structural changes is essential. 

Rooflights from Roofglaze

Off-the-shelf flat glass rooflights help keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing style as they offer greater flexibility in price, size, shape and glass specification (Image credit: Roofglaze)

Conservation area and planning permission restrictions

Houses in conservation areas might face restrictions with the type of additions (dormer loft conversions and extensions alike) that are visible. Many projects find the best solution to be ‘invisible’ windows that lie flat to the roof of an extension.

Also, when installing windows in a loft conversion, the aim of the game is always to introduce as much natural light as possible but planning restrictions and structural concerns might limit the size of a dormer window, reducing the opportunity to do so. Flat glass rooflights in this instance avoid these limitations so the loft conversion is as light and bright as desired. 

Rooflights from Roofglaze

Flat glass rooflights offer additional possibilities for those living in restrictive planning areas (Image credit: Roofglaze)

Creating a versatile design

Rooflight Solutions

Roofglaze’s expert Technical Team will be able to advise you on the rooflight solution that best matches the requirements of your project. Feel free to contact them on 01480 474 797 or email with your enquiry.

Adding glazing to any room will increase feelings of well-being, but take care to not overheat these living spaces. Try not to limit designs to just fixed rooflights where possible, introducing natural ventilation with opening rooflights. If this is not possible, Roofglaze can offer various glass options to reduce the heat gain from new glazing.

Extending into a roof is an opportunity to get a little creative. Whether you’re designing a master suite, a home office or a little extra living space, planning ahead can mean the difference between a project that is merely ‘completed’ and a project that changes how you interact with your house as a whole.