Smart Export Guarantee: Can you make money from solar PV panels?

contemporary home with solar panels
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Have you heard of the Smart Export Guarantee and do you know how it could help you? If not, it is about time you got up to speed.

More and more of us are adopting ways to generate our own electricity, be it through solar panels, wind turbines or other means. 

Freelance journalist Robin Whitlock
Robin Whitlock

Robin is a journalist who writes on environmental issues, climate change and renewable energy.

Robin Whitlock
Freelance journalist

Robin is a freelance journalist based in the South West of England, UK. He specialises in environmental issues, climate change and renewable energy, with other interests in transport and green motoring. He is a regular daily correspondent for a renewable energy website, writing news articles and interview pieces on all the main clean energy technologies. He has also written widely for numerous magazines on these topics, as well as writing white papers and web content.