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4 Reasons You Need Aluminium Bifold Doors

Bifold doors from Aanco
(Image credit: Aanco)


Although bifolding doors have long been the favourite for self-builders and home-improvers, deciding on the right material can be a tough decision with so many product on the market. Aluminium bifold doors offer a sleek and contemporary look that will last decades.

Fast Installation Easier Project Management

Whether you’re project managing a self-build, working on a DIY renovation or just looking to spruce up your existing house, aluminium bifolds are a great option when time is of the essence. By choosing a product that cuts down on installation time to make your home weathertight, you can spend more time enjoying your home and working on interiors. Look for doors that come pre-assembled with pre-drilled mounting holes for the simplest install.

Bifold doors from Korniche

These aluminium bifolds from Korniche (opens in new tab) are built with a pre-gasketing composite bead which means they can be glazed in seconds, saving time and money on installation fees.  (Image credit: Aanco)

Aluminium Doors Keep Homes Safe and Secure

External doors are the barriers between your home and the outside world, so, with the move towards an increase in glazing in our house design, demanding the technology for safer and more secure doors is essential from manufacturers. Protect your home from unwanted visitors by choosing bifolds with 3-star Yale cylinders and crimped and PUR bonded corners. 

Bifold doors from Aanco

Korniche (opens in new tab) have worked to optimise their bifold profiles and components by enacting extensive stress analysis on their products.  (Image credit: Aanco)

Increased Thermal Efficiency in Aluminium Bifold Doors 

Airtightness and thermal efficiency are now key concerns when working on a homebuilding project and the devil is in the detail when it comes to thinking about bifold doors:

  • Reduce leakage. Concealed hinges reduce the chance of potential air leakage areas when gaskets meet. 

  • Thermal breakage. A bigger break in profile means better U values, so bifolds have a greater chance at helping to keep your home warm.

  • High performance glazing. Double or triple glazing with an air or gas such as argon work best, along with many other strides in glazing technologies that make modern glazing the most efficient it has ever been.

Slim Sightlines Maximise Views

What’s the point of investing time and money into a project or house if you can’t enjoy it once finished? The beautifully slim sightlines of aluminium allow better views of the outside, not only meaning your new home will be filled with natural light, but also developments in de-cluttering modern products will influence the overall finish of a bifolding door. Ultra-low thresholds create a stunning contemporary look while fully concealed hinges and guides influence a cleaner, tidier look. 

Bifold doors from Aanco

The bespoke hollow seals of Korniche (opens in new tab)’s aluminium bifolding doors is coupled with Q-Ion (a sealing technology with no reliance on silicon) to keep homes as thermally efficient as possible. The need for an untidy extra D-handle is eradicated with Korniche’s flush shoot bolt handles.  (Image credit: Aanco)