How to Get Planning Approval

getting planning approval
Preparing a planning application for this self-build became a rather lengthy process. The self-builders came up against access issues, and had to have a bat survey, flood risk assessment and an arboricultural assessment done that included mapping out and identifying every tree and plant in the garden (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

“How on earth did they get planning approval for that?” This is a rhetorical question I hear a lot. Sometimes it’s said in jealousy, sometimes out of simple astonishment, and sometimes in disgust. 

Why some houses get permission and others don’t is something of a mystery to those outside the industry. As a self-builder, the more you know about planning permissions and policies – and why some applications are granted and others refused – the more likely you are to get your plans get passed. 

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One-off payment: £4.99 for six months full access to The Planning Hub

Ken Dijksman

Ken, a former planning officer, is an experienced planning consultant with over three decades of experience helping self builders, renovators and developers achieving planning permission. He set up his own consultancy, Dijksman Planning LLP, in 2005. He is also the author of The Planning Game, How to Play the System and Win Planning Consent: An Insider's Guide to Planning Permission for Newbuilds and Extensions.