How much electricity does a fridge use? Our guide to running costs

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Many people will be asking the question ‘how much electricity does a fridge use?’ and other such appliance cost to run as the cost of living crisis continues to hit hard. 

The sharp rise in energy prices means British households are keeping a keen eye on their electricity consumption and looking for energy saving tips — and it’s easy to lose your cool over the energy expenditure of bulky items like refrigerators.

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Ben Gallizzi

Ben has been the Senior Content Editor for Energy at Uswitch for three years, having previously spent time at marketing agencies and in the proptech industry.

Among other areas, he specialises in home energy use and electric vehicles, and is passionate about ensuring that energy customers get the information they need to make the right decisions for them in a challenging period for households across the country.

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Fridge typeElectricity usage per yearCost per yearElectricity usage per dayCost per day
D Rated Freestanding Fridge 130kWh£44.200.356kWh£0.12
F Rated Freestanding Fridge 209kWh£71.170.573kWh£0.19
A Rated Fridge Freezer111kWh£37.850.305kWh£0.10
D Rated Fridge Freezer209kWh£71.280.574kWh£0.19
F Rated Fridge Freezer276kWh£94.060.757kWh£0.25
C Rated American-style Fridge Freezer225kWh£76.500.616kWh£0.20
D Rated American-style Fridge Freezer253kWh£86.020.693kWh£0.23
F Rated American-style Fridge Freezer405kWh£137.921.111kWh£0.37
Rachel Rigby

Rachel Rigby started working as a financial journalist in 2000 and has used her financial experience to number-crunch for articles on DIY and housing. She has renovated three houses, including overseeing building an extension as well as a complete rewire. She enjoys doing a little DIY herself, although to varying success. Before this, she spent 12 years at Mergermarket before working in public relations, as well as stints at CTFN News as their UK and European correspondent, covering event driven investment topics with a focus on European commission competition rulings. Rachel has been a guest on CNBC and CNN and also written for Financial News, Media Week and previously Sunday Business and Breaking Views.