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Great Things You Can Build Using an Oak Frame

Oak frame home from Oak Frames Direct
(Image credit: Oak Frames Direct)


Many homeowners choose to build their own homes using an oak frame and for a number of good reasons. It is a strong, sustainable material with natural insulative properties that make it a great choice for those where sustainability is at the heart of their build. The material ages beautifully over time and the frame can be erected quickly on site.

Oak frames are also precision-manufactured in a factory and delivered to site ready for erection. This not only means that build delays caused by bad weather are completely avoided, but also that you can achieve a degree of precision that would not be achievable when building by hand on site with bricks and mortar.

As with any house building project, you will need to work with your architect or designer to create a design, secure planning permission from your local authority (if your proposed work falls outside of your permitted development rights), and ensure you have sufficient foundations to support the new structure. 

As well as using an oak frame to build your dream home, you can also use it for supplementary elements of your build, including:

1. A Garage

Oak frame garage from Oak Frames Direct

An oak frame garage from Oak Frames Direct (Image credit: Oak Frames Direct)

If you want to build an oak frame garage to complement your home, then it pays to consider how you will use the garage for years to come and not just how you plan to use it now.

  • How many cars you will need to park?
  • Will you need somewhere for storage?
  • Could you do with a workshop or man cave?
  • Could you do with some extra accommodation space?

All of these considerations will help you choose the right design for your oak frame garage and ensure that it can adapt along with your lifestyle. 

Porch from Oak Frames Direct

Choose a design of porch to suit your house – you can choose from wall hung varieties to more substantial options with build in storage facilities (Image credit: Oak Frames Direct)

An oak frame porch can be a great addition to your home regardless of whether your home is more traditional or contemporary in style.

A porch will not only be practical, offering shelter from the elements when you are entering your home but, depending on the design you choose, can also offer a convenient and attractive storage solution. 

Porch from Oak Frames Direct

High brick plinth porch from Oak Frames Direct (Image credit: Oak Frames Direct)

3. A Garden Room

Garden room from Oak Frames Direct

A garden room from Oak Frames Direct (Image credit: Oak Frames Direct)

Due to the large amounts of glazing that are achievable in the design, a garden room is a great place to make the most of your garden views and sit and enjoy the sunshine.

6-8 Weeks Lead Time

Oak Frames Direct offers a quick and efficient lead time of between six and eight weeks on its oak frame kits. The frames are Q-Mark certified by BM Trada and the kits are primed for fast assembly and come complete with all the fixings you need. 

Garden rooms are also increasingly popular with homeowners who need additional space for hobbies or work. A garden room is a great location for a home office, gym or workshop where it is beneficial to have a small sense of separation from your main living space.

To enjoy the garden room all year round, you will need to consider heating, lighting and ventilation as well as any sockets you may need. You will also need to check that your garden room is within the criteria of permitted development, or apply for planning permission. 

4. Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergola from Oak Frames Direct

(Image credit: Oak Frames Direct)

If you are looking to create a real feature in your garden then an oak frame pergola or gazebo can be a great addition. Both are particularly useful if you need to create spots of shade in your garden, but can also be used to cover pathways, areas for outdoor dining, ponds and hot tubs.

Visit the Oak Frames Direct (opens in new tab)‘ website for an instant quote — choose from standard sizes or your own bespoke dimensions.