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4 Great Reasons to Choose a Roof Lantern

Roof lanterns from Korniche
(Image credit: Made for Trade)


If you’ve found you need more space in your home and have decided to extend, then there are numerous design decisions that you will need to make along the way and one of the most important will be your choice of windows.

Windows and doors are great for bringing in light from the side, but many home extenders forget to consider how to bring in light from above. This is where roof lanterns come into their own.

Here are four great reasons you should think about adding a roof lantern on your flat roof extension.

1. You Want to Maximise Natural Light

Adding a roof lantern is a great way to maximise natural light ingress into a flat roof extension. With the light entering the space from above, you will benefit from maximum daylight hours which can help to reduce your reliance on artificial light, especially during the summer.

There are also many health benefits to increasing the amount of natural light flooding your home, from improved mood and focus to better sleep patterns.

Roof lanterns from Korniche

The Korniche Roof Lantern available from Made for Trade is strong and secure while offering slim, beautiful sightlines. Quick and easy to install, requiring no cutting, trimming or silicone sealants within the roof structure, the Korniche is also thermally efficient (Image credit: Made for Trade)

2. You Want Your New Extension to Feel Light and Spacious

The more natural light you can flood into a space, the larger it will seem. Choosing a roof lantern with slim sightlines will offer minimal obtrusion into your interior decor, and where paired with light colour schemes will make the space feel wonderfully airy.

You could even consider knocking down walls between your new extension and other areas of your home to share some of this light and make darker, cramped spaces feel more spacious.

3. You Want to Add Some Architectural Interest to Your Extension

Flat roofs can seem a contemporary design trope, but adding a roof lantern can help to add some, which is really useful if you are extending a more traditional style home. Many suppliers will offer their roof lanterns in a range of colours so you can ensure your new roof lantern will sit harmoniously with the rest of your property.

4. You Want to Add Some Wow-Factor

When it comes to adding some wow-factor to a new extension, many homeowners like to create an indoor/outdoor space, allowing them to not only enjoy surrounding views of the garden, but to create a seamless transition between the indoor rooms and outside space that can be enjoyed year-round.

If you’re concerned about being overlooked by your neighbours, a roof lantern is a great solution – it will allow you to bring in a sense of the outdoors, without compromising your privacy.

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