Electric Roof Windows: Your Essential Guide

electric roof windows
(Image credit: Velux)

Electric roof windows are definitely worth considering if you are planning to install roof windows in your home. 

Whilst conventional rooflights provide the ideal way to draw light into areas of the house that are not easily served by conventional windows, electric roof windows go one step further, making operation of these sometimes hard-to-reach features a doddle.

Mark Brinkley

Mark is the author of the ever-popular Housebuilder’s Bible and an experienced builder. The Housebuilder’s Bible is the go-to hardback for self builders; originally published in 1994, it is updated every two years with up-to-date build costs and information on planning and building regulations, and is currently in its 14th reiteration.

He has written for publications such as Homebuilding & Renovating for over three decades. An experienced self builder, his latest self build, a contemporary eco home built to Passivhaus principles, was created on a tight urban brownfield plot.