What is the cheapest way to heat a room this winter?

A large room with wooden floor kitchen to the right and living space to the left
The cheapest way to heat a room is very much linked to energy prices (Image credit: Getty)

With the cost of energy soaring we’re all looking for the cheapest way to heat a room. And with government figures suggesting that over 42 per cent of us now have smart meters, most of us can watch in real time exactly how fast our money is being spent. 

There are several reasons for record energy prices. It’s partly the recovery from the pandemic, which raised demand higher than supplies could follow, not to mention energy-producing Russia’s war on Ukraine. The result is that the average unit price from October for customers on standard variable tariffs is 34p per kilowatt hour (kWh) for electricity and 10.3p kWh for gas. Conserving energy and energy saving tips have never felt so important.

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Rob Bohm

Rob Bohm is Head of Energy and Sustainability at CLPM, where he advises clients and designers on heating and energy solutions for properties. He also manages a small in-house consultant team who offer independent heating and energy planning and advice. 

Oliver Bennett

Journalist Oliver Bennett has renovated two houses and would like to take on just one more project. He has written for many homes magazines including Grand Designs, Sunday Times Home, Homes and Gardens, the Times Saturday Magazine's interiors section and several more.