10 bathroom plants that absorb moisture and help stop condensation

bathroom with freestanding white bath and a selection of house plants
(Image credit: English Blinds)

We all know the more obvious benefits of indoor greenery — but bathroom plants that absorb moisture not only look stylish, they come with a whole host of other benefits too. 

If you are wondering how to stop condensation in your bathroom, then this is a solution well worth looking into. Bathrooms can be steamy and full of moisture that can, in some circumstances, cause all kinds of unwelcome issues.

Natasha Brinsmead

Natasha is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Associate Content Editor and has been a member of the team for over two decades. An experienced journalist and renovation expert, she has written for a number of homes titles. Over the years Natasha has renovated and carried out a side extension to a Victorian terrace. She is currently living in the rural Edwardian cottage she renovated and extended on a largely DIY basis, living on site for the duration of the project. She is now looking for her next project — something which is proving far harder than she thought it would be.