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5 Ways Pocket Doors Can Transform Your Home

pocket doors
(Image credit: Eclisse)

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Our homes have to work hard in order to accommodate all the things we throw at them, be that a sudden requirement for a home office, a playroom, a teenage den or a quiet grown-up lounge area. Usually it just isn’t possible to create separate rooms in which to provide for each of these individual requirements, certainly not without having to extend or move house. 

It is for this reason that a flexible layout works so well, and this is exactly where a pocket door system can help. 

They are brilliant space savers allowing you to get maximum space from your home whilst allowing you to alter its layout and create new spaces that suit your lifestyle. 

What is a Pocket Door System? 

A pocket door system is a system that allows your door to slide back into a recess in the wall, creating a solution for limited layout options and and eliminating 'dead space' usually wasted when installing a hinged door.

How do Pocket Doors Work?

Commonly pocket doors are top hung from a track which allows the door to slide back into a pocket in the wall. The finished wall thickness you can achieve with a pocket door and standard 12.5mm plasterboard will depend on the pocket door make you choose. The studwork size you need will also depend on the make chosen and some pocket door systems can be used with both wood and metal studwork — Eclisse (opens in new tab) have a good range that will suit both. It is also possible to build a new studwork wall alongside an existing masonry wall to house your pocket door.

Pocket doors come in various configurations, including single leaf and double. More unusual designs such as curved and telescopic are also available. 

Assembly is on site and it is possible to install a pocket door yourself if you are a competent DIYer. Some brands of pocket doors are easier to install than others. Look out for the types of pocket door system that assemble into a complete metal frame that is then installed into the wall.

Here we show you four ways you could use pocket doors in order to make the very most of the space you have available. 

1. Create the Perfect Kitchen Diner

pocket door systems

Using a pocket door system, such as these telescopic pocket doors from Eclisse (opens in new tab), is the ideal way to create a a more flexible layout without sacrificing space.  (Image credit: Eclisse)

Many of us crave sociable, open and airy kitchen diners, but from a practical perspective, there can be a few issues to deal with. 

Firstly there is the matter of cooking smells and steam that can waft into the dining space, then there is the inevitable noise from extractor hoods, dishwashers and other appliances and, finally, the towering piles of dirty pots and pans that hardly add to a relaxing dining experience. 

The perfect way to overcome all these issues is to create a layout whereby the dining area can be fully opened up or closed off as required. Pocket doors are the ideal way to do this, sliding away neatly into a space in the wall as and when you wish.  

2. Give the Children Somewhere to Make a Mess

pocket doors

Pocket doors are idea when creating a play space for children, making it possible to close off mess at the end of the day.  (Image credit: Eclisse)

As anyone with children will know, there is, quite simply, never enough space for all the toys and equipment that builds up. Yet it is useful to have it to hand and for the children to be able to access and play with it all within your eyesight. 

Using pocket doors to create a play area that can be open during the day but closed off once the children are in bed, concealing all the bright plastic clutter is a brilliant idea. 

3. Work From Home in Peace

pocket doors

Create a stylish space to work from home by adding a new stud wall and a pocket door system, such as this glass design from Eclisse (opens in new tab) (Image credit: Eclisse)

It seems that homeworking may now be here to stay. What this has meant for many of us is that we spend Monday to Friday shoehorned into the corner of a spare bedroom or living room, battling to find a quiet spot. 

Take a look around your home and see whether there might be a space, beneath the stairs or in a hallway, or even the kitchen, that could be sectioned off when required. Even a small wasted alcove or corner can become a productive work space with the addition of a pocket door, allowing you to ‘leave’ work behind at the end of the day.

In order to ensure your new office benefits from natural light, choose a glazed pocket door — those from Eclisse (opens in new tab) are offered with glass door panels that are available in many designs and finishes including satin glass that offers a degree of privacy too.

4. Make an Extra Guest Room

pocket doors

Rather than extending, why not look at your existing layout to see whether there is scope to create an extra guest bedroom? Many people find they can section off part of their ground floor arrangement — and a pocket door system, such as this from Eclisse (opens in new tab), is the ideal way to make the most of your space. (Image credit: Eclisse)

If you currently have a completely open plan layout consider partially breaking it up to form a space that can, when required, be used when guests come to stay. The addition of sliding doors will ensure your guests’ privacy, yet mean that when you are not entertaining, you can reclaim the space as your own. 

5. Create a Broken Plan Layout

pocket doors

Pocket doors such as these Classic Pocket Door Style Finished with Architrave, from Eclisse (opens in new tab), are the ideal way to create a flexible, broken plan layout.  (Image credit: Eclisse)

Although open plan layouts are highly desirable, they can also present some issues. Those with children might like the option to close off mess or toy rooms or to be able to create quieter spaces occasionally, for example. 

Consider a 'broken plan' layout instead. These types of layout are far more flexible, allowing you to change the way your home works according to the situation. Pocket doors are ideal for this, allowing you to open up and close off spaces as when you wish. 

Strong and reliable, pocket doors from Eclisse come with a 15 year guarantee. They are quick and easy to install and a UK-based technical support team are on hand should you have any issues of questions. 

For more information visit the Eclisse (opens in new tab) website.