Hi. We would like to add a bedroom to our 1930’s semi. We aren’t sure whether to go out over the garage at the side, into the roof or move the bathroom from back to front of house. Obviously cost will have a bearing on our decision.
We are also keen to redesign the layout of the existing kitchen and playroom extension.

So, who do we need to contact first to help us work it all out? Architect? engineer? or suitable builder?
Will we need an architect at some point whatever we do?

I just want to do this efficiently and cost effectively but get the best advice.


  • Peter Eade

    You are going to need an architectural designer or an architect first, but before you engage anyone ask what their fees will be, it’s well worth shopping around. You could also consider a builder who specialises in design and build but this can be an expensive route as their build costs tend to be a bit on the high side.

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