Our new church hall of 108 sq m has a wet underfloor heating system powered by a gas boiler. I had nothing to do with its deign or installation, but find myself looking after the day to day running of it.

I am new to ufh, but coming from an engineering background, I have some basic questions.

The hall is all one zone with its own room-stat, and I notice the manifold has a full compliment of thermal actuators. Do they serve any useful purpose in this case, or could they be dispensed with?

  • Tony Taylor


    The actuators on the manifold allow the flow of water to each pipe loop. Commonly one manifold is used for several rooms (zones), with each room consisting of more than one loop. The actuators are programmed to open when the respective room thermostat calls for heat.

    It sounds as though you have one zone, in which all actuators are required to open the flow to the pipe loops. They are all required.

    Hope this helps.


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