Well, to all those who said that we would never get planning permission for a contemporary home in a conservation area, ya boo sucks to you. We have just received the confirmation that we have received approval, under delegated powers, for our modern series of extensions and remodelling scheme.

House plan
Rear elevation

The general view of the planning officer was the one that we imagined would help swing things in our favour – namely that, as any development is judged on whether it serves to ‘preserve or enhance’ the decision is based on fairly stringent questions as to the merit of the existing compared to the proposed. In our case, a 1960s modern dormer/two storey mix, transformed under our scheme into a contextual, organic, modern home using traditional materials.

In many ways the project starts now. We have handed over design work from Pete Tonks, whose vision for the scheme helped us solve the problems of the property and create a fabulous home all in one go, to a local Architect, Aaron Chetwynd, who will handle detailed design and help us bring the project into reality. That handover is tricky – we didn’t want someone who would ruin the original vision – and in Aaron we have found someone who not only gets it but can really add to it.

Bring it on!

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