At your show a voltage optimisation unit was recommended as a good way of saving electricity.
I have had three phase connected to my new build because of the anticipated high energy usage and have asked my electrician to spec a VOU. He has come back with a cost for a three phase one at about £3200. This is a price for the supply only and does not include the fitting.
The single phase ones are only about £300, which makes it more sensible from a pay back point of view.
Do you know of any more cost effective suppliers of a three phase VOU ?
Can you fit 3 single VOU ‘s ? Or will that not work ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

  • Tony Taylor


    Unfortunately, by selecting a 3 phase supply to your property, you have moved into the realm of commercial products for voltage optimisation.

    You cannot use 3no. single phase units in place of the 3 phase unit.

    3 phase unit costs appear to vary from £3,000 to nearly £10,000 plus installation.

    An alternative, assuming you have one piece of equipment or system with a major load and single phase supply requirements, would be to fit VO to that piece of equipment or system only.

    It will reduce your potential savings, but a saving is a saving.

    Hope this helps


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