Seems crazy to put an insulating material like ply over under floor heating pipes. I would like to use a pipe in plate solution on the joists, then a load bearing solution, then ceramic tiles (I have used ply in the past as the load bearing solution but it takes ages to warm up). I have looked at pipe in board solutions but cannot find one that will work with a height of only 22mm.

Anyone know of a thermally conducting load bearing solution to replace the ply? There are solutions from Jupiter “Screed Replacement Tiles” but they aren’t load bearing.

A number of months ago, I thought I had seen an add in the magazine for just such a solution (called something like a Jimmy boards). Can anyone help?

  • M Hyde

    Hi – just wondering if you ever found a solution for this? I am a couple of weeks away from fitting a between joists heating system and then decking the floor and am looking into alternatives to chipboard/ply

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