Hello, We have a non standard built bungalow with render on the outside, underneath this is timber with wire mesh attached.
It has been suggested that we put a brick skin over the render,but I am concerned in case this causes a problem with damp. Alternatively we could have it re-rendered but which render would be better for this type of property please.
We have had a lot of work done on the inside and obviously do not want this spoilt.
Advice on this would be great.

Thank you in advance.

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hello, one possible option would be to add an insulated render to the existing walls if you are wanting to improve the thermal performance of the house and give some added protection to the existing structure. Adding purely a brick skin could be problematic and not give you a lot of benefit for the cost and fuss. If you are purely re-rendering then a flexible reinforced render would be best as there will be some movement in the timber structure behind. With either the latter or insulated render solution I would get some specialist advice from a renderer who deals with Sto or Marmorit or similar manufactures who deal with a range of render types and substrates. A basic sand/cement render will be liable to be too brittle for your timber structure. Always speak to your local authority Planning and Building Control before carrying out this type of work. You are right to not want to spoil work inside the house but do consider how you will need to deal with window openings and the junction at the wall/ roof if you are ever thickening your existing walls and talk these details through with the renderer/ builder before hand and agree how they will be approached.

    Hope this is of use.

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