Our current gas central heating is an old one pipe system which is very inefficient and needs replacing. We are considering having electric underfloor heating mats with individual room contols installed in the whole of the ground floor. Upstairs we are thinking of having a two pipe gas central heating sytem to heat the rooms, with a new boiler being sited in the loft. The pipes for the heating will drop down through the ceilings from the loft into each room. The ground floor is concrete. We are really keen on underfloor heating, especially as it will do away with the radiators and all the exposed pipework that we currently have.It also seems as though it will cause less disruption than installing a complete new GCH system as we have already done a lot of work in the upstairs rooms. Does this sound like a good idea? Would it be an unusual way of heating a home? The other alternative is to have the electric underfloor heating downstairs and install electric radiators unpstairs. I would be really grateful for your thoughts, advice and comments. Many thanks, Ruth.

  • Dominic Eves

    Hi Ruth,

    If it was me, I’d opt for wet UFH downstairs, then radiators on the first floor. All run from the boiler. What’s swaying you more towards the electric underfloor system for downstairs?


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