Hello, i’m new on here, and I am in need of some advice! I have the opportunity to buy a 3 bed victorian property just outside Brighton in an affluent area for £185k. However, this is a big project….The property has never had electricity, there are only a couple of gas lamps on the walls to light some of the rooms, no bathroom, one toilet downstairs with original toilet seat, one tap of running water which is cold and is in the kitchen…. There are some original features such as a wrought iron fire which sits under a cooper bowl for heating water to wash your clothes in. i can see some damp patches but nothing to major. The ceiling in the front room has fallen slightly, so will need fixing. However, i can see it has potential, and we want to make ourselves a family home.

So, the advice I am after is this…. Is it possible to get electricity to the house, and if so approx how much – and I was thinking does anyone know if we really need electricity or can we use solar somehow? Also, if anyone has taken on a project like this, I would really like some advice with it all.

There is a garden, but it hasn’t been touched in 30 odd years, and it may just need a new roof!

I’m not in the trade (I’m a Podiatrist), but my husband is a project manager for a construction company, so I know we have access to people who can help. Most properties that are similar in age, floor space etc… in the area sell for around £330k.

Many thanks!

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hello Georgie,

    Sounds like an amazing opportunity. Just make sure you have a full building survey!

    When estimating for a new build, we know it costs around £1,200 to be connected to nearby electricity. Going totally off-grid is achievable and we have featured plenty of case studies where people have done just this using a combination of renewable technologies.

    If that is your plan, I would suggest getting in touch with a consultant who can advise on what you would need to specify to ensure you meet your family’s heat and electricity demand. For electricity, you would need solar photovoltaic roof panels to generate electricity. Many who go off-grid are in rural areas and have room for a wind turbine too, but being part of a terrace, you will probably not have room (or support from your neighbours).

    If you can afford the initial outlay, installing renewables can be a great idea, both environmentally and also financially thanks to the Government’s Feed in Tariff for electricity you generate, and the Renewable Heat Incentive for renewable generated heat. These pay you back not only for any surplus energy you generate, but also what you use yourself. Find more information here: http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/rhi

    I would also suggest you have a good look through our renovation section on this site. There is plenty of advice on things you will need to look out for and how much repairs will cost. http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/advice/existing-homes/renovating

    Good luck.

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