Hi All,

First post, so firstly hello.

We are looking at purchasing a 1970’s bungalow as a renovation project. The previous owner converted the bungalow with basement into 3 apartments without planning permission, so there is a lot of internal layout changes required to bring it back to a family house.

The biggest question I have is order of works especially as the building has stood vacant for a few years so is pretty musty and damp smelling.

We plan to upgrade all the windows to either double or triple glazing, undertake a complete heating and plumbing overhaul (3 kitchens, baths, boilers etc at mo!) as well as rewire. Plastering, furnishing and all that will be the very last thing once walls and windows are in etc.

Should we start with the windows first and then run dehumidifiers before we start the electrics and plumbing, or is it best to get the new heating in first?


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