We have plot at end of garden (hillside) that we would like to build 2 bed single storey house.
Problem on the border of garden/road (within Cornish wall) we have two English oak with PTO,
how close can we build to the trees and assume we would need use raised or stilted foundations to avoid damage to roots of oaks.
Been suggested we have pre-application consultation with council planning/road safety/tree officers.
How can I get some idea of house plans without incurring significant costs at this early stage.
Any ideas for easy planning process?

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, we would recommend that you do involve the council Tree Preservation Officer early on before any pre-application (they generally give free advice) to help explain the impact of your tree preservation orders. General rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t build within the footprint of the canopy of the trees as the roots are about the same spread. But this changes from tree species to tree species and from site to site. As your site is sloping there is a fair chance that there will be some major routes further up the slope for stability of the tree. If you can site a house away from the trees then this will be the easiest way forward. If you feel you do need to build within the tree canopy then consulting with a qualified arboriculturalist (tree specialist) would be advised.

    Hope that is of use.

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