Plot size 14.m wide, x 22.25m deep
Proposed new house width including garage to right (as you look at it from road) of gable end 12.027m, x 10.115m deep

Planning advice dept say it’s too big for plot, as it must be 21m window to window from house opposite
If I remove garage and room behind from plans and comply with 21m rule and the build house now 9m wide, can I and how soon after if I can, add the the garage and room under PD regulations.
The proposed garage roof height would be that of a normal single storey pitched roof.

Any advice about keeping the original dimensions would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the big point here would be: assuming they don’t take away your PD rights under an article 4 directive (or as part of a planning condition of approval) then, in theory, after completion. Your PD rights would allow you to add a garage (or any outbuilding for that matter) over 2.5m high no nearer than 2m to the boundary. My advice would be to keep schtum until they have approved your plans and hope for the best.

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