We moved into an old house 18 months ago, the survey revealed damp problems so the estate agent recommended a company to carry out damp proofing.

They carried out the works seemingly well and we moved in and started renovating, a little while ago we noticed damp returning in two places which had damp proof work was carried out. We were given a guarantee by the company so tried to contact them, no phone number worked and the website had disappeared so I contacted the estate agents who had recommended them and was told to their knowledge the owner of the company had deceased and that they don’t make recommendations only advise on companies that have carried out works before.

The guarantee has the Sovereign logo which is the damp proof product used, so I contacted them and they said that the guarantee is for the work carried out and not the product and that according to their records the company has ceased trading because the owner had died.

I have had a friend round who is a general builder and he says that the work is inadequate, the interior single leaf wall where the damp has re-occurred has wooden floors one side and a concrete floor the other side and the most probable cause of the damp is through the concrete floor. The damp proofing work we had was taking the plaster off applying a tar like substance which is not enough as damp can come through the brick the wall should have been tanked and re-plastering which is also an issue as general browning is not adequate.

Can you please give us some advice on what we can do? I have contacted the citizens advice bureau and they were no help and just said i should have paid on credit card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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