City of York Council is pushing for the government to ensure that all new and renovated homes built in York are more energy efficient.

The council has also urged the government to make compulsory the introduction of solar panels on all new homes, in a bid to restrict carbon emissions. 

According to the government’s Future Homes Standard, which will be introduced by 2025, all new build homes will be future-proofed with low carbon heating and carbon emissions from homes will be reduced by 31%.  

This could be achieved through improving energy efficiency measures such as better insulated walls, floors and roofs, and triple glazed windows.   

The government also expects the Future Homes Standard to lead to semi-detached homes producing 75-80% less carbon. City of York Council, however, is urging the government to aim higher. 

A report produced for a City of York Council meeting said: “There is seemingly a strong appetite for significant change and that this change needs to take place sooner than 2025 to slow down the rate of carbon emissions from new dwellings.

“City of York Council would like to urge the government to move towards a compulsory requirement for [solar panels] to be installed in new buildings and renovated buildings where there are no significantly adverse implications in terms of any heritage assets.”

Planning Ahead

City of York Council is already planning to build more than 600 new homes before 2025 which adhere to low-energy Passivhaus standards. 

Tackling climate change and lowering fuel bills for current and future residents are cornerstone philosophies of its homebuilding programme. 

While the installation of solar panels is suggested as an option in the Future Homes Standard proposal, the council is pushing for developers to be forced to install these panels on all new buildings in the area. 

In 2019, City of York Council announced a scheme to help first-time buyers build their own home. All the homes will align with Passivhaus guidelines and be affordable to run in the long term. 

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