The building and construction industry is this week being challenged to build more environmentally-friendly homes and reduce carbon emissions during all stages of a building’s life cycle. 

World Green Building Week 2019 (23-29 September) is an annual campaign that raises awareness of eco homes and green buildings for achieving a variety of global goals.

Green campaigners will be highlighting throughout the week how environmentally-friendly homes and buildings can help to address climate change, create sustainable and thriving communities, and drive economic growth. 

Impact of Eco Homes

Eco homes can lead to significant benefits for self builders and renovators, offering greater energy efficiency and consequently, lower energy bills and a small carbon footprint over the lifetime of the home.

Moreover, the materials used to create an eco home can help to shrink the carbon footprint of a home, which helps to tackle carbon emissions.

According to the World Green Building Council (WGCB), buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions, with 11% of these emissions attributed to the carbon that is released during the building process. 

The WGBC said: “To date, the building and construction industry’s focus has been on operational emissions and how buildings actually perform in-use. However, in order to fully decarbonise by 2050 to keep global warming to below 1.5 degrees, the building and construction sector must also tackle embodied emissions from the entire building lifecycle.”

How to Get Involved

This World Green Building Week, the WGCB is using the social media hashtag #BuildingLife to drive awareness of how a green, healthy environment that is positive for the climate can be created.

The WGCB is also calling on the building and construction industry supply chain to decarbonise, and raising awareness of how joining you local Green Building Council can help to join the green mission.

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