Should we build on the 'grey belt'? We ask the experts their thoughts on Starmer's plan

Keir Starmer clapping at the Labour party conference 2023
Industry leaders have welcomed Keir Starmer's plans to build on 'Grey Belt' land as well as his other commitments to reform the planning application process in order to deliver 1.5 million homes (Image credit: Getty Images)

Keir Starmer has unveiled Labour's homebuilding plans during a speech at Labour's Liverpool party conference. 

The construction industry has so far been supportive of his proposals to build on what the Labour Party leader termed the 'grey belt' and his plans to force through planning applications and increase the number of planning permissions granted to homebuilders.

Kate Henderson headshot
Kate Henderson

Kate assumed the role of chief executive at the NHF in October 2018, having previously served as chief executive of the Town and Country Planning Association. Kate is also a member of several government panels such as the Net Zero Buildings Council, the Rough Sleeping Advisory Panel, and the Social Housing Quality Expert Challenge Panel.

Rico Wojtulewicz headshot
Rico Wojtulewicz

Rico Wojtulewicz is the head of housing for the National Federation of Builders and House Builders Association, which he joined in 2015. He has also previously worked in politics, residential service delivery, employment, education, policy and as a development consultant, working with local councils for project development strategies.

Eddie Tuttle headshot
Eddie Tuttle

Eddie, in his role as director of policy, research, and public affairs, holds the responsibility of offering strategic counsel to the senior management team of the CIOB regarding matters related to policy and public affairs within the field of the built environment, both on a national and international scale.

Roger Mortlock headshot
Roger Mortlock

Roger previously served as CEO at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust for nine years before joining the CRPE. He's an experienced national campaigner, leading initiatives like the UK's first green infrastructure benchmark and national agricultural policy projects for the Wildlife Trusts.

Joseph Mullane
News Editor

News Editor Joseph has previously written for Today’s Media and Chambers & Partners, focusing on news for conveyancers and industry professionals.  Joseph has just started his own self build project, building his own home on his family’s farm with planning permission for a timber frame, three-bedroom house in a one-acre field. The foundation work has already begun and he hopes to have the home built in the next year. Prior to this he renovated his family's home as well as doing several DIY projects, including installing a shower, building sheds, and livestock fences and shelters for the farm’s animals. Outside of homebuilding, Joseph loves rugby and has written for Rugby World, the world’s largest rugby magazine.