Gabriel Agbonlahor claims he received a £37,000 gas and electricity bill over the last 16 months

Gabriel Agbonlahor in a black suit at the Pride of Birmingham awards
Gabriel Agbonlahor revealed in a Twitter post that he received a shocking £37,000 electricity and gas bill for his Birmingham based home (Image credit: Getty Images)

Gabriel Agbonlahor reveals in a Twitter rant that he has received a £37,000 gas and electricity bill over the last 16 months.

The Birmingham based, ex-Aston Villa player it "Wouldn’t cost that to heat or supply electric in the whole of the NEWS UK building" stating his shock and anger over the bill from British Gas.

Although we have seen energy price rises, the £37,000 bill is an unusual amount, prompting questions from Agbonlahor's followers, and he himself over how the bill got so high.

Agbonlahor claims bill ruined 'the start of my new year'

Gabriel Agbonlahor stated he received a £37,000 gas and electric bill at the start of January.

He tagged @BritishGas in a Twitter post (now X) stating his shock at the bill claiming it has ruined "the start of my new year".

He also claims the bill put him "back on the booze" after he attempted dry January.

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Fans question 'how bigs your house'?

The post attracted attention from the wider football fanbase, with many questioning how it was possible the bill was so high, especially with measure like the energy price cap.

One response stated, "U live in a castle or what" whilst another commented, "37k how bigs your house". 

However, some respondents offered some energy saving tips and advice for Gabby's issue advising "Mate don’t stress they probably billed you wrong,phone them up and give your meter reading again".

Although, another offered a tongue-in-cheek explanation for the bill by claiming "Birmingham City FC hooked the stadium electrics up to his gaff".

Blue Flame Of Gas Stove Burner

Agbonlahor received replies querying how the former premier league star received such a large electricity and gas bill (Image credit: Getty Images)

British Gas receive angry reply from Agbonlahor

A British Gas agent replied to Agbonlahor's Twitter thread "Afternoon, this isn't great to hear. Please can you pop over a DM with your full name, address & DoB so that we can access your account & investigate why you've receive a bill of this amount."

Agbonlahor replied angrily "It’s not great at all!!! Ruined my happy new year!!"

Homebuilding & Renovating approached Centrica, the parent company for British Gas, for an explanation over the bill but no comment was made.

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