I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on our situation, as it seems to go against all planning law!

We applied for an 8m extension to the rear of our bungalow (replacing an existing 4m extension). We have a good relationship with our neighbours and consulted them all the way. No-one objected and in fact are fully supportive of our plans. The council have refused the application. This is their reasoning behind refusal- the planning officer stating they are only assessing under Class A.

In regard to part (iv), the “Permitted Development for Householders: Technical Guidance “ (April 2014) states that “where an extension to a house under Class A includes works that would require an alteration to the existing roof of the house (eg where the roof of the extension joins the existing roof), the alterations to the existing roof of the house will need to meet the requirements of Class B or C (as appropriate) in order to be permitted development”.
The roof of the proposed development attaches on to the existing roof of the building and an existing rear dormer. The development therefore proposes an alteration to part of the roof of the dwellinghouse that, under Class A, would not be permitted development.
The ‘Permitted development for householders: Technical Guidance’ (April 2014) states that “the items set out in (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) are not permitted development under Class A of the rules,
some may be permitted development under other Classes subject to the limitations and conditions set out in those classes”.
Schedule 2, Part 1, Class A.(2A) of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment and Consequential Provisions) (England) Order 2014, requires that the Local Planning Authority assesses whether the proposed development complies with the conditions, limitations or restrictions applicable to development permitted by Class A only.
This development is therefore contrary to (i)iii) and (iv).

We are not planning anything radical with the roof- it is just a simple pitched roof joining to our existing pitched roof. Does anyone have any clue as to why only Class A is being considered? This means that anyone with a bungalow cannot extend their property more than 4m…this seems ludicrous to me, in fact discriminatory! If anyone has any ideas they would be very welcome!
many thanks

  • Kerry Wang

    I should add that by demolishing the existing 4 extension we will be taking off part of the roof anyway, so really only replacing like with like…in doing so of course it means alteration to the roof- even reinstating the roof is alteration to the existing roof! I am just not sure how to get round this issue without installing ridiculous and unnecessary ‘gullies’…talk about promoting bad design!

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    Not sure if I have followed this correctly. Is the point that the planning officer doesn’t think that the proposal is "permitted development" and therefore I assume that a full application is required or have they actually refused the application for planning reasons? Either way you would still have to satisfy building regulations.

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