Got a budget estimate from SSE today regarding running mains to my site, the cost was £7,000 as the have to upgrade the transformer…. Is there anyway to get this down? I will already be digging out trench and back filling. Is it my expense to upgrade there system?.


  • Roy Dance

    I can’t answer your specific question but I just did a knock down and new build in its place and dealt with SSE for the disconnection, site supply, and then re-connection to the new house. Be prepared to pay close attention to this. I found getting the utilities right to be one of the most challenging parts of my project. I never had any problem dealing with individuals at SSE – in fact everyone was quite helpful – but every little job seems to be a different job and you pay for each one separately – usually several hundred pounds each time. For instance reconnecting the supply to the house is one job – it actually meant moving the temporary site supply to connect it back to the house – but the guys left the temporary site supply connection in place and above ground. It was a different job, and another charge, to get the redundant temporary site supply cable removed. I was a novice and the builder didn’t want to get involved – sensible chap – with the utility companies. All I can say is – be prepared for a journey with this connection and be prepared for it to get more expensive and not cheaper. Never assume that what you’ve paid is all inclusive and expect to receive the news "oh no – that’s a different job" now and again. If you’re are dogged and determined and you stay on top of the process you shouldn’t have any serious difficulties. Important to retain a sense of humour!!

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