We have located a good plot (0.5 acre) on which there is a small 2-bed bungalow, situated very close to one boundary. We are very interested in bidding for it at auction next month but I need a view on what we could realistically build.

The key questions I’m looking to get an answer to are:
1 – what governs how big the replacement property can be? Is it a case of we’d only be able to make the footprint 25 or 30% larger, or generally can we make it as large as we like, within reason?
2 – the site itself used to form part of a farm and the bungalow was originally a small barn/store – the bungalow is very close to a boundary, with the original farm house and its outbuildings right by it. What I’d like to be able to do is move the new property about 0 feet further away. How likely would we be to get permission to build a replacement property away from the current footprint?
3 – Given that it was originally part of the farm, would there likely be any restriction on what we could do with the land? I think they’ve had horses on there in the past but I don’t think it was ever defined as being a paddock. By the same token I don’t think it was ever defined as garden either. It’s all pretty overgrown and run-down now

Many thanks in advance

  • Peter Eade

    Hi Andrew,

    Download an OS map of the site and draw in the approximate footprint of what you want to build, also take a few photos of the existing dwelling. Either talk to the local authorities duty planning officer our better still make an appointment to discuss your ideas with the planning officer who deals with the area where the house is located. The advice they give can only be considered as a guide but you should get a good indication of what would be permitted.

  • Andrew Webster

    Many thanks for the advice Peter – very much appreciated!

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