I have just started my first renovation project and obviously like all renovators want to make as much profit as possible. The house needs a fair bit of work doing to it. My question is regarding the kitchen. The property has an existing run down kitchen (unfortunately i cant seem to upload photos here, however if anyone feels they could advise i could email them the photo) and i am unsure how much more value a new kitchen would bring in compared to renovating old kitchen? Obviously a new kitchen will be far more expensive but will the additional outlay now make a massive difference to the final margin?

Look forward to some advice .

Thank you

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hi Matthew,

    It depends how salvageable the kitchen is. A new buyer will mostly be going off how it looks and the quality of the finish. Most kitchen carcasses can be easily update with new cupboard new worktops and perhaps some new shelves, which will save you a lot of money.

    If the cupboards are very run down then you will have to update, but it is always worth trying to save what you can first. An old kitchen which looks new and is done well can be as appealing as a brand new one – especially if you replace it with something cheap to increase profit margins.

    That is the best advice we can give without seeing the state of it.


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