I have applied for PD to add a 3m conservatory to my existing 3m single story extension.

It has been refused stating that: “Under the permitted development regulations, you cannot attach an extension to an already extended part of the dwelling. It has to be attached to the original wall of the dwelling house.”

Is that the case? I can not find anything to back this up….

Thanks in advance,


  • Dave L

    In saying you have applied for PD I am not sure which procedure you have used: a certificate of lawfulness, the notification process for 6m and 8m extensions since 30th May 2013 or a council’s own informal procedure. In my own opinion the distance relates to the original wall, I do not think it was ever intended to make a distinction between building directly onto the original building or a previous extension as long as the overall distance was not exceeded and other criteria met. General information on Permitted Development is available on http://www.home-extension.info/town-planning.html

  • Aqeel Merchant

    Hi olly

    Did your issue got resolved. I am interested because I also want to add a conservatory to my extension

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