Underfloor heating is on the wishlist of many self builders (and renovators) as they strive for the optimum in home comfort, energy efficiency and, in some cases, contemporary, minimalist design.

If you’re opting for underfloor heating in your home then it might be a job that you can tackle yourself.

Read our ultimate guide to underfloor heating then follow this step-by-step guide to installing a wet underfloor heating system.

Step One

Installing underfloor heating - connecting to the manifold

The first step is to connect the floor heating pipe to the manifold.

Step Two

Installing underfloor heating - unrolling the pipe

After laying your insulation layer, you will need to begin to lay the pipe.

Step Three

Installing underfloor heating - laying the pipe

Secure the pipe to the insulation as you go using pipe staples.

Step Four

installing underfloor heating - fix the pipe

Ensure you fix the pipe with the correct spacing to ensure optimal heat distribution.

Step Five

Installing underfloor heating - laying the pipe

Loop the pipe across the whole floor area. Use multiple loops for large spaces.

Step Six

Installing underfloor heating - ready-mixed screed

Prepare the screed (or opt for a ready-mixed version).

Before you pour the screed…

The pipes must always be pressure tested before the screed is laid. Equally important is to ensure the pipes are full of water while the screed is being laid so that if there is any damage it will be immediately obvious and can fixed before the screed laying is finished.

Step Seven

Installing underfloor heating - self-levelling screed

Carefully pour the self-levelling screed over secured pipework.

Step Eight

Installing underfloor heating - treating the screed

Stabilise the screed with a chemical spray.

Step Nine

Installing underfloor heating - tamping the screed

Finally tamp the screed for a smooth finish.

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