We have a 25 year old Nightstor 100 which has served us well to heat a 4 bed house with 12 rads. Heating is usually off between end May until October and we use about 12-14 MWhr a year for heating on economy 7. I want to fit a room thermostat (it’s never had one from new, only thermostatic valves on 8 rads). Does anyone know where a thermostat would connect to in the control panel or perhaps have a Nightstor 100 installation manual and circuit diagram they can let me have a copy of? Also are there any heating engineers who could service it for us in South Devon…

  • stephen Jenkins

    Contact us at Nightstor boilers service south east (01494)783442 or via web site at http://www.nightstorboilers .co .uk & we will be happy to help you with technical information

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