We have 2 barns which used to be the CowTye and the Milking Shed. The main house (Cow Tye) has been renovated. The outbuilding (Milking Shed) has been used as a workshop, therefore still in an unfinished state.
As lots of other barns like this, there is a courtyard between them – quite large as is often the case. But the farm is on top of a hill in Cornwall with the best views from the workshop!
I’ve had an idea to make an opening through the middle of the workshop to be able to see the views from the house/courtyard. Other than this, there is only a 4′ passageway at one side to be able to get out to the ‘front’ garden (with the views) and parking of 2 cars with a shared driveway further down. The ‘space’ I want to make would be 10′ wide, therefore wide enough to use as a car port (we have no garage), if wanted. That would leave 2 separate outbuildings, one 10′ x 14′, the other 15′ x 14′. Quite adequate for useful storage/work.
We’ve owned the property for 20 years, done all the work ourselves but had to rent it out 4 years ago as it didn’t sell. The main complaint was too small a garden, no land (all owned/used by a local farmer) and no views from the house (single storey). In fact, the plot is quite big altogether but because it is separated by the 35′ x 14′ workshop doesn’t look it!
Would I need planning permission? We obviously submitted plans for the house and all was approved and signed off. It is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but not listed.
Any help/advice would be really helpful, please. My husband says to leave it to a buyer but I don’t think people have enough imagination. Is it worth the effort??

  • Jonathan Hetreed

    Hi Patricia,
    Normally you do not need planning consent to remove buildings unless you are within a conservation area. Depending on your local authority they may be able to quickly tell you this information on the phone or may ask you to make a preapp. Even if the works are permitted you may consider applying for a Certificate of Lawful Development which may be helpful to answer queries raised by potential buyers or their legal representatives.
    Depending on the size you will still need to make a Building Control submission for the demolition works

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    Be very careful about demolishing buildings without first submitting an "application for prior notification to demolish a building". Check with your Local Planning Authority. The main concern will be whether or not there are any protected species in the building and the focus here is on bats. It is likely that you will be required to undertake a bat survey. I obtained permission to demolish a cottage which was derelict and unoccupied for 20 years. Evidence of bats was found. We had to provide alternative housing for the bats and in this case the only option was to build what we called a "bat hotel". Think of it as a large dog kennel (5m x 3.5m) on stilts. Total cost of this project was £7k and 8 months of delays. The irony was when we came to demolish we didn’t find a single bat!!!

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