our staircase, landing and 5 bedroom floor boards ALL creak in our 20 year old house. I can hear every footstep and it is driving me mad. It seems to have got worse in the last year or so. (All floors have underlay and carpet about 5 years old). Any suggestions on how we can sort this problem?

  • Peter Eade

    It’s likely your problem is due to the house having chipboard floor decking. When chipboard was first introduced no one was sure how to fix it so they often used 65mm lost head nails and not screws. As a result the boarding was not securely fixed to the joists and the nails could work loose. If your house has been built for around twenty years, this could well be your problem. Regarding the stairs, if you have easy access to the underside I would suggest you have someone walk up the stairs and check for any movement in the treads, this could be overcome by tightening the wedges or possibly a bit of extra wood glue… Don’t forget if you are adding additional screws to the chipboard floors there are pipes and wires beneath which need first to be identified…

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