We have still to get the detail from my architect but we have several brick internal walls, where they meet the external walls and obviously being supported by dwarf walls. We want to remove possibly of cold thermal bridging and not quite sure how to remove the horizontal ones (floor).
Do we knock 1 to 2 bricks out at a time and insert new thermal blocks (not sure of what product yet) and continue along the full length of the wall? My primary concern is safety and not really keen on a brick wall falling on me.

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    Is this an existing building? I would not be concerned with cold bridging at internal partitions – in theory the rooms either side of the partitions will be heated anyway. Focus on the external envelope. Sometimes cold bridging is unavoidable – don’t mess with building structure. Better to offset any potential heat losses through inevitable cold bridging by increasing insulation elsewhere or improving window/door specifications.

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