I’ve bought a 1930’s semi and the living room and dining room have a separating wall with a large door with an RSJ supported by two pillars. I was wondering can I get rid of the pillars and use some kind of bracket for the RSJ either side instead of buying a new longer one? The wall on one side is next door’s joining wall and the other is a brick-and-a-half (or two) hallway.

  • Graham Johnstone

    It’s unlikely that you can do this for two reasons:
    1. The beam will probably be sized to only carry the design load over the existing span. Extending the span will increase the forces in the beam which may take it beyond capacity.
    2. Removing return walls (the pillars) can drastically affect the stability of your building and should never be removed without advice from a structural engineer.
    You should really seek professional advice before going any further.

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