We are in the process of buying a house and have discovered that the current owner had an extension built and building work carried out (wall between kitchen/dining room knocked down, wall between living/dining room opened up) in 2007 but has yet to have the building work signed off.

We have refused his offer of an indemnity policy and we are now waiting for him to have the work signed off. I am completely ignorant of what this will entail, could anyone help by explaining what he will have to do?

Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of how old the building work is, the work can in theory still be granted retrospective building regulations approval. However, this work can be quite intrusive if the current owner can provide little evidence as to construction details and so on.

    In the first instance the owner needs to get in touch with his local authority. An inspector will have to visit, inspect the work, and issue a retrospective certificate. It’s not uncommon, but will be quite costly and not to mention disruptive for your vendor – but you’re right to insist on it.

  • Abby Barker

    Thanks Jason, very helpful.


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