We are interested in buying and renovating a tin church. Does anyone have experience doing this or any advice as to how best to go about it. ? the exterior is made up of corrugated iron sheeting and internally it is beautifully lined with wood which is in perfect condition. it is a listed building.

  • Mark Brinkley

    Sounds like a fabulous project. The fact that the interior wood is in perfect condition suggests that the tin sheeting has been doing a splendid job over the years.

    With all projects like this you need to start with a structural survey so that you understand how the building works – where the loadings are, how the foundations work, how the building stays dry, and what you must do to turn it into a 21st C home. I would look for a qualified building surveyor, one used to dealing with listed buildings, and one who knows the area and the other personalities likely to be involved with the project.

    Problem is that there is a considerable expense in doing this and you are only thinking of buying the building. Bearing this in mind, consider hiring the surveyor on a hourly basis and ask them to undertake a preliminary survey.

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