Hi, we’ll hopefully get going with a self build later this year. At the moment a sizeable amount of the money we have set aside for the build is in Euro’s. Due to the unfavourable exchange rate at the moment rather than convert the money, I’ve started looking into the idea of sourcing and importing some of the big ticket items from euro zone countries. Anyone with any experience, lessons learnt etc from having done this?

  • N. Jon Shah

    I’ve built a home in Germany and did a lot of DIY in the UK in my time. Forgetting about the unfavourable exchange rate, the price difference between the UK and Germany is huge! I guess you need to think about how you will have your "big-ticket" items transported back and how that will eat into your potential price advantage – and the language barrier, of course. Most of the best bargins are advertised in the local languague obviously.
    I’m planning to build a house in the UK at some point and will transport materials from Germany so I’d be interested to see how you get on. With a bit of legwork, I’m sure you’ll be able to save a lot!

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