I am currently in the planning stages of a re-model/renovation which will include a complete replacement of all glazing.
I have been only considering 100% aluminium so far but I have given a positive run-down on composite wood/aluminium windows (albeit from a friend who supplies them).
Advantages I have been told about are thermal ratings and exterior appearance in comparison to aluminium windows. Maintenance overhead isn’t really any greater as the external is aluminium.
I would be interested in an independent opinion on comparison of the two and any other factors I should be aware of?

  • J B

    If the aluminium is thermally broken then I’m not sure there is a great difference in ratings, as you should have virtually no heat transfer through the frame. I’m speaking as someone in a similar situation and we are likely to go for full aluminium throughout, unless it proves too costly. There are only a handful of companies which produce the proper composites, most are just clad in wood, so be wary and look for cross-section samples. We’ve looked at Kloeber so far (at their showroom, and they seem v.g. quality), and have brochures from most of the other major manufacturers to start drawing quotes.

  • Mark Beardsley

    Thanks for the info.
    The composites we’re looking at are the Rationel double glazed Aldus timber/aluminium windows so I think they are of a good quality. I’m not sure on cost comparisons at the moment, I’ve got a feeling there won’t be a great difference.
    On the Kloeber subject, they are the only company I have come across (unless we’re talking top end) that get repeated recommendations from people who have them (owners, installers and builders). If we go down that route it is highly likely that we will choose Kloeber.

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